「Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Dream」

Sharing Salon

On July 18, the「Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Dream」Sino-US Park Linkage Sharing Salon was held successfully at the DoBe WE" Yuelushan Artificial Intelligence Industrial Center (DoBe WE"@Yuelu). Organized by DoBe WE"@Yuelu, DoBe WE" Silicon Valley Innovate Technology and Fashion Center (DoBe WE"@Silicon Valley), Yuelu Higher Education & Technology Center, Sophia Ahmad Law, APC, the event has attracted tens of entrepreneurial representatives from DoBe parks in China and around the world.

In order to meet the development needs of many domestic small and medium-sized science and technology innovation and cultural innovation enterprises to "go out" and foreign enterprises to "invite in", DoBe Group fully mobilizes its own resources.

DoBe WE"@Yuelu and DoBe WE"@Silicon Valley are actively linked to achieve the goal of strategic matchmaking, complementary advantages, resource alliance and win-win cooperation by building a platform for global SME exchange and cooperation.

In this salon, DoBe WE"@Yuelu, DoBe WE" @Silicon Valley shared online linkage and invited Sophia Ahmad, a famous lawyer in Silicon Valley, to introduce the information of taxation law related to company formation, and the park managers of both sides to introduce the projects and the service of value-added that the park linkage can provide to customers.

Presentation Session of DoBe WE"@Yuelu

Luo Yuting, DoBe WE"@Yuelu Business Consultant Manager, gave a brief introduction to the basic information of the park and some of the companies in the park.

Yuelu Mountain National Campus for university science & technology, where DoBe Yuelu WE” is located, has a core area of about 24.65 square kilometers. Renowned as the “Silicon Valley of Hunan”, it is the cradle of talents for Changsha’s artificial intelligence industries, accommodating more than 20 major universities, 57 national and provincial key labs, as well as over 20 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 50,000 college students of Hunan Province. It is a key platform for the implementation of the “Rise of Central China” strategy proposed by the central government, as well as for carrying out the “Rise and Openness Led by Innovation” strategy of Hunan Province. It has been constantly sending out talents to the artificial intelligence industries in Changsha and the whole country.

After 1 year of overall operation, DoBe WE"@Yuelu has now achieved more than 40 enterprises to move in, and the proportion of science and innovation has reached more than 90%, realizing the gathering of science and innovation industry. Among them are Haici Technology, which builds an intelligent mobile medical technology platform; Dianmao Technology, a programming education platform for teenagers, which cultivates future creators; Tezhijia IOT, a professional service provider of city-level intelligent firefighting, and many other well-known industry leaders.

Presentation Session of DoBe WE"@Silicon Valley

Yang L.Lei, DoBe WE"@Silicon Valley Business Manager, introduced the Silicon Valley park and overseas entrepreneurial atmosphere, also showed the park through video.

DoBe WE@Silicon Valley can help companies connect more smoothly to the technology, talent, and innovation of Silicon Valley, and seamlessly mosaic clients directly into the Silicon Valley ecosystem through DoBe's network of local partners.

From overseas registration, listing, virtual registration, and setting up overseas offices during the start-up period, to human resource management, financial consulting, and legal services involved in corporate management, to media promotion and business cooperation for the international promotion needs of enterprises. Creating a platform for the docking of talent, technology, innovation and capital between China and the United States. It will help enterprises to integrate into the local market of Silicon Valley and the U.S. market in a comprehensive manner, so that they can realize the "American Dream" of Chinese enterprises more easily.

Sophia Ahmad - well-known lawyer in Silicon Valley

Sophia Ahmad shared information about the tax laws and important local policies in California that Chinese companies need to know in order to set up a company in the U.S. She also gave a detailed analysis of the three mainstream types of companies in the U.S., helping business representatives find the right direction for their own companies.

Q&A Session

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"I would like to know what are the recruitment channels overseas?" , "Are there any art-related companies in Silicon Valley Park?" and "What do we need to pay attention to when registering overseas?"

During the interactive Q&A session, the representatives of enterprises actively asked questions and discussed in-depth with the three speakers. There was full of useful information in just two hours event.

This sharing salon builds a bridge for cross-border communication and further strengthens the business linkage and communication between DoBe Group's U.S. and China parks and the park's resident clients. Through the integration of domestic and overseas resources, the sharing of park resources across borders is realized, and more value-added services are provided to the resident clients.