DoBe WE"
CoWorking Space

[ Since 2016 ]


We are an innovative co-working space founded in Shanghai, China and now spreading around the world. Newark is our first location in America. Our co-working space has more than 40 private offices which are suitable for start-ups and small businesses. We do not only provide our clients with high-quality office services but also offer value-added services to help our clients to grow faster and better. 

DoBe WE" International Hub @ Silicon Valley 

DoBe WE" International Hub @ Silicon Valley, was established in August 2016, located at 8407 Central Avenue 2nd fl, Newark, California, USA. 

Our International Hub is not only near to technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other well-known enterprises, but also world-renowned college institutions such as Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and the University of San Francisco.


DoBe WE" International Hub @ Silicon Valley has 48,000 sqft with 40+ enterprise tenants. 

The majority of the enterprises are start-ups from a variety of industries such as science technology, health care, law firms, finance, education, and E-commerce, etc. Our tenants are involved in the industries of IT, media, software, hardware, photography, HR consulting, automobile, legal consulting, entrepreneurial organization, medical equipment, agricultural finance, etc.

DoBe WE" International Hub @ Silicon Valley was established with the aim to connect the communication and cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises. 

With the A2C(America to China) target, DoBe launched a series of featured services to provide a one-stop service to our tenants. This particular International Hub integrates Chinese enterprises directly into the Silicon Valley ecosystem through DoBe’s network and partnerships. 

Along with the accumulation and development in China, DoBe’s intent is to provide support and help to Chinese enterprises who would like to expand their market in the United States market.